In the USA and Europe, container housing is one of the key design trends in architecture. People do not always choose such solutions for the sake of economy, but in order to show inner creativity and their own view on the philosophy of everyday life. Construction up-cycling is fashionable, as it solves the problems of ecology and recycling.

You can be inspired to build a house from containers:

the home of Benjamin Garcia in Costa Rica, Patrick Patrush in France;
co-creation by James & amp; Mau Arquitectura and Infiniski — Casa El Tiemblo in Spain;
energy-efficient cottage with eco-style patio from Ecotech Design in Mojave;
cruciform eco-house from the company CG Architectes;
the largest residential project of house kits — 8-room Winghouse;
Private residence Shipping Container by Ziegler Build;
container house in Redondo Beach, California;
designer mansion Debbie Glasberg in Kansas City;
Guesthouse by Poteet Architects
minimalist country cottage by designer Yure Kotonik.

Creative businessmen can learn the ideas of container construction in religious objects:
Boxpark Shoreditch London Shopping Center;
the eclectic motel 25 Hours Hafen City Hotel in Hamburg;
the office building of designer Stephen Shoop;
resort bungalows for tourists from Alterra Beach Resort;
3-story showroom at Tommy Hilfigir fashion house.

20171127102328561 - Dwelling houses SKANDY HOUSE - production of eco-friendly and inexpensive houses from containers


15 Why is it profitable to buy a SKANDY HOUSE house

— Style and design. You can configure the location of residential modules yourself — CHEAPER!

— Installation speed (2 days with two welders and a crane)

— Autonomy (set and forgot until the money for further construction appeared)

— Versatility (planning at your discretion (planning the first floor — free — kitchen, living room, bathroom with toilet, second — 3 bedrooms), and windows with doors where you want

— Minimization of construction costs (few people consider when planning construction: installation of flooring material + WORK, installation of roofing material + WORK, walling material + WORK + exterior decoration (mat. + SLAV.) + Interior decoration and insulation (mat. + SLAB .) and TIME with nerves for all this!

— SKANDY HOUSE houses have a seismically stable construction, so buildings of this type are often built in regions where various natural disasters are observed, for example, hurricanes or earthquakes

— If the project of a house from sea containers does not imply the installation of stained glass in the entire wall, such a construction will provide residents with maximum protection against intruders

— Billets can be used not only for the construction of residential buildings. They are ideally suited for the implementation of projects of houses from sea containers with extensions and utility facilities

— Radiation protection

— This technology is not limited to certain climatic conditions. With the appropriate thermal insulation, a container house can be erected in almost any latitude. Since modular blanks are intended for sea transportation, such houses can be safely installed on frozen ground. They are resistant to the effects of low temperatures and adverse weather conditions. Container houses can be built in areas with a large slope of the territory

— Blanks in the form of containers allow you to get a home that is practically no different from capital type buildings. From the outside, the modules can be trimmed with lining; from the inside, lining is carried out using plasterboard sheets. At the same time, the cost of container construction is much lower than the price of capital housing. Choosing a sea container as the material for building a house, the owner can be sure that harmful insects and rodents will not get into his house

— For the construction of a building based on containers, it takes no more than 2-3 months. If you minimize some types of work, for example, simplify the finish, it will be enough for 2-3 weeks to bring the house into operation. Since container buildings are lightweight, there is no need to equip a massive foundation. Modules can be installed directly on a compacted earthen platform.

— Construction accuracy

— Mobility

— Reliability (very good quality container steel)


— The first stage of construction — design and development of the drawing. You can use one of the many projects posted on our website. We choose house designs from 20- and 40-foot sea containers in 1-2 floors: with a higher number of floors, a solid foundation will be needed. To order an unusual project of a country house or apartment building from sea containers in Russia, contact our specialists .
— After that, the required number of modular blocks is purchased, they are cleaned by sandblasting and coated with a primer. They build an easy foundation. Its configuration depends on the characteristics of the soil and the topography of the soil. Often these are screw piles.
— The blocks are mounted in accordance with the selected project in a single design. For this, metal corners and profile pipes are used. When erecting multi-story buildings you will need a truck crane. When arranging the width, the internal partitions are cut out. If necessary, reinforce the supporting structures.
— We mark out design communications, cut window and doorways.
— We carry out roofing, insulation, hydro and vapor barrier, ventilation.
— We install plumbing systems and electrics. They can be individual or connected to centralized systems. The optimal type of individual sewage system is using a septic tank. The optimal individual water supply is a well.
— We carry out internal and external finishing work. Decorate (optional).

Today it is a worldwide architectural and construction trend. To order an unusual project of a country house or apartment building from sea containers in Russia, contact our specialists.


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