Creative container architecture inspired the iconic Starbuks coffee house chain to create a coffee house in St. Adele, Quebec province northwest of Montreal. Alternative construction fast food technology organically fit into the concept of the institution.

kafe iz konteinera 5 min - Cafes and kiosks SKANDY HOUSE - not expensive cafes and kiosks from the sea container

A modular container cafe or Pop Up Cafe is a great way to set your business apart from the competition. The compact size of the cafe in the container makes it the main tool for the novice entrepreneur, because you do not need a lot of space to install it. A corner of the land in a parking lot or in a densely populated neighborhood, a place in the park, a market, a beach, a free piece of land or a construction site that will be built over several years are all the best places for modular cafes from containers.

The use of sea containers to create cozy street cafes has long been common in Europe and the United States. Every year, modular and mobile street cafes from modernized sea containers are becoming more and more popular in Russia.

Modular cafes or shops from containers are equipped with all the necessary utilities, can be either completely autonomous (incorporating autonomous water supply and sewage systems, electricity supply) or connected to local communications (central water supply, sewage, heating).


— They allow you to quickly go through the period from the idea to the finished business — the turnkey production time is up to 5 days.
— The possibility of construction in small areas.
— Modules are easily mounted between themselves, as well as with solid buildings, which allows you to quickly and with minimal investment increase the area of ​​the institution.
— Mobility allows, if necessary, to collapse the catering point or move it to a more visited place.
— Economical in the acquisition, transportation, maintenance.
— Liquid — in demand in the market.
— Service life — until the onset of metal fatigue — up to 50 years.
— They require minimal investment — 30% cheaper compared to classic counterparts — therefore they pay off faster.

SKANDY HOUSE offers customers in Russia the production of stylish establishments from containers and the re-equipment of sea containers for various fields of activity. We offer the modernization of sea containers for use as offices, rental points of sports equipment, bars or street cafes, showrooms or for elements of the organization of public spaces.

One of the key advantages of modular container cafes is the price!

The cost of a ready-made cafe from sea containers does not exceed the cost of finishing work or rent of capital premises per year. At the same time, in case of needlessness or a change in the scope of activity, we are ready to remake the container for a new direction or to sell your cafe at a reasonable price.


From containers 20 and 40 feet long, you can create both summer platforms under awnings and cafe-pavilions. So, for example, the area of ​​a full-fledged two-story restaurant made of containers with an open terrace in the drawing is 275 square meters.

7 Benefits of building a cafe from shipping containers:

— Production from 1 month. The construction of a cafe from containers will take from 1 month and save time on collecting documents and creating the foundation;
— From 300,000 rubles. The cost of re-equipping a container for a cafe starts at 300,000 rubles. «Turnkey», including decoration (without the cost of the container itself). It is much cheaper to carry out just repair work in your stationary cafe, not including rent payments;
— The unique design of your cafe. When ordering a mobile cafe, we will develop 3D visualization and planning solutions in accordance with the concept of the customer.
— Architecture and design. Modern architecture and a variety of facade materials have become the impetus for the creation of unique modular structures with a unique shape and corporate identity, which will emphasize the serious level and capabilities of your company;
— Modularity. Unlimited increase in space due to the addition of new container modules, terraces and structures;
— Mobility and ergonomics. You can upgrade your cafe, transport it to a place convenient for you, changing the location to a more promising one;
— We work all over Russia. We deliver to any region of Russia and not only.

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