magazine iz konteinera 5 1 - SKANDY HOUSE shops - not expensive shops and pavilions from containers

On the Internet you can find many photos of stores from containers of 20 and 40 feet in Europe and the USA:
for the sale of youth bags — Freitag in Zurich, Switzerland;
3-story Aether in San Francisco;
a container mall — Box park Shore ditch in central London;
3-floor showroom of the fashion house Tommy Hilfigir.

Building a store out of shipping containers is a modern, rational solution. It allows you to quickly organize a functional outlet, which, if necessary, can be moved to a new place. To implement this idea, they use ready-made standard projects adapted for a specific business, or order an individual development of planning and design.


The idea of ​​a metal container store for freight is popular all over the world thanks to:
savings in financial costs compared to capital construction;
building mobility;
the possibility of simple reprofiling of the outlet, its expansion, layout changes;
an assortment of architecture and design options.

The container shop is universal. In it you can sell goods of all groups: from food, household chemicals and printed products to flowers, clothes, bicycles.

Prefabricated modular buildings — a rapid transition from idea to business at minimal cost. The store of sea containers has a number of advantages:

— It requires minimal costs compared to traditional kiosks, so it quickly pays off and is a less risky investment;
— built in a few weeks and at any time of the year;
— it is steady against aggressive external influences — atmospheric phenomena and actions of malefactors;
— can be put in almost any crowded place, since its area is minimal;
— you can build without using expensive construction equipment;
— the design is mobile — for little money you can transport it to any place!
— you can easily increase the store’s area at any time by connecting several blocks of containers together;
— meets all the requirements of the legislation related to outlets;
— liquid — in high market demand;
— long service life of the structure — up to 50 years.


The process of building a modular container store or kiosk consists of several stages:
— Development of a design project.
— Site preparation: cleaning of garbage and plants, tamping the soil. When installing on a prepared place (for example, on asphalt), the site does not need to be additionally prepared, which is fine.
— Bookmark light columnar foundation.
— Installation on the foundation of one block container or several, depending on the project. If a single-story building is mounted from several containers, then the blocks are welded to each other using metal corners. If the modular building is multi-story, reinforce the foundation and strengthen the outer frame. To install the blocks on top of each other, use a construction crane.
— Installation of doors and windows, supply of communications: electrics, water supply, sewage, ventilation and air conditioning systems (optional).
— Zoning: installation of partitions between the trading floor, storage and utility rooms. In the case of a one-story building, partitions are removed from several modules between them and passages are cut.
— Interior decoration: hydro and vapor barrier, mineral wool insulation, covering the ceiling and walls, laying the floor.
— Installation of equipment — lighting and heating appliances, plumbing, commercial equipment, alarms.
— External treatment with protective impregnation, waterproofing, insulation and exterior decoration.
— Registration of the outlet. Installation of counters.

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